What if the Lawyer Doesn’t Think You Can Beat the Ticket?

After getting all of the information he or she can from you, the attorney may do some further research into the facts of your case or may be able to discuss with you your chances of beating the ticket just on the information you gave.

In many situations the attorney will tell you that you won’t be able to beat the ticket. However, that may not mean that the attorney can’t do anything for you. In some cases, especially in situations such as DUI the attorney may be able to speak to the prosecutor and arrange for a plea bargain that may result in no or less jail time and a smaller fine. While a plea bargain may not be able to prevent your license from suspended or your insurance rates from going up, it may benefit you by keeping you out of jail or resulting in you having a misdemeanor on your driving record rather than a felony.

Even if you have chosen to represent yourself when fighting a traffic ticket, it is still a good idea to speak to a New Jersey traffic ticket lawyer (read more www.njmcdirect-com-guide.tomyaccount.com ) to get advice on how to handle your case.
If you have made the decision to fight any traffic ticket getting the advice or perhaps the assistance of a traffic ticket lawyer can either help you to win your case or at least result in a reduction of fines or jail time.

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