All you need to know about the EBT Card

EBT card ( access online at ebtedge )as we all know provides people enrolled in the SNAP benefits a few food and cash benefits. Also, it provides various other help as well. Shortened for electronic benefit transfer this card is very useful for anyone and can be availed by contacting the local DTA offices. The provided food benefits include the availability of non-alcoholic beverages and the food items. You need to make sure that it is not used for other stuff and only to purchase the required goods. After getting your card there are few things you need to keep in mind for keeping it safe and in a proper manner.

How to keep your EBT card?

You need to keep your card in a safe place when it is not in use and also away from kid’s reach.

Do not write or scratch the Black strip of the card as it can lead to permanent damage to the card.

Make sure to keep your EBT Card away from any kind of electromagnets or magnets in order to make them last longer. As the electromagnetic fields can damage its magnetic field.

Avoid sharing your secret PIN with anyone and also make sure it is not written on the card.

In case the card is lost you need to immediately contact the nearest DTA office to get the replacement card in exchange and a new secret Pin of course.

If you are moving and notice that your card id either stolen or lost, do not hesitate to call your DTA worker in order to file the complaint and get the older card blocked.

You should be very careful while keeping the card as bending it can damage it and restrict your future use of the card.

What if your card gets broken?

Even if after your care and take precautions, the card anyhow damages or break, all you need to do is bring it in the notice of the nearby local DTA office and request them to issue a new EBT card in its replacement. Along with the card also make sure you are getting the new secret PIN for the card. Also, make sure to use the card as long as possible and avoid getting it frequently exchanged.

Things to keep in mind

While using the card you need to keep in mind a few of the things, first to use it in a proper manner and only for the required stuff and places where it should be actually used not just for your additional desires or wishes. You can use the EBT card at ATMs when required and withdraw the cash from it anytime required. Also make sure no one else uses your card other than you, the benefits consumed by them will not be replaced to your account in any of the cases. Sharing your secret PIN can sometimes land you in great danger than actually known